• Street Car Alignments                                                                    Increase the life of your tires, and improve the response of your street car with a proper four wheel alignment.  Performed to factory specifications, correcting tire wear or instability.

  • Brake Maintenance & Upgrades                                              Improve your stopping power by maintaining OEM replacements, or installing performance upgrades.

  • Corner Balancing                                                                     Combined with a proper performance alignment, corner balancing ensures a noticeable improvement in the handling balance and car feedback.

  • Scheduled Maintenance                                                                         Spend more time enjoying your vehicle by ensuring it goes through the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance. 

  • Suspension Installation and Tuning                                    Restore the feeling of your car by maintaining its suspension through using OEM replacements, or update it with high performance upgrades.  Complete the task with a proper four wheel alignment suited to your needs.  

  • Wheel Mounting and Balancing                                                Prova Motorsports' touch-less tire mounting machine allows us to handle your wheels while also keeping them protected.